Friday, 21 September 2012

make a good relationship can make our life always happier!!!

hello everyone....for the first, of course we as a human and was born as a good Muslim, we need a good relation among of us. it doesn't matter if we are different religion or what.. but in our daily life, of course we have many friends, never mind it is a boy or girl friend. ok now i want to tell about my experience and all about my friends in my daily life. since i got study at Kolej Profesional Mara Ayer Molek, i have got many new friends..i have got from different country of my friends. 

now, first i will tell about how i get to know each other for the first time me at the college. in KPM, there are divide the students into small group and it called 'MENTOR'.. so my mentor name is first i started to know each other in mentor..around 20 students in my group i mentor was conducted by Madam Norma Niza.. she was a beautiful lecture and very friendly..our group will let everything to her if we have any problem and she will help if she can..and the most interesting is our group will be stay until the last sem at KPM.. for all information, we as a hibiscus group, always participate in any activities or vacassion if we have decided together.. for example, the latest ramadhan, our mentor have being together in order to have for 'berbuka puasa'.. we all very happy because with this we can get together all the group.. so i think till here i tell you the story.. now i lets some picture as our memories during the 'berbuka puasa'..

this is my friends in our mentor, hibiscus.. i will dont forget about them..

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